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Video websites are lots of fun, but setting up your own video community website can be a real headache. There's a lot to worry about: disk space, bandwidth, video formats and encoding...


That's why we built a reference quality site which does all of the hard work for you. The key is Silverlight technology paired up with Silverlight Streaming's free, world class content hosting. Video.Show provides Silverlight 1.0 video controls, Silverlight Streaming hosting integration, leveraging Expression Encoder's ability to handle most popular video formats. We’ve set things up so you can be uploading videos within minutes, and we’ve added in some cool features like time-based video comments, so your comments will be synchronized with the video playback.




  • Designed to get you up and running quickly with minimal setup and configuration
  • All video is hosted at Silverlight Streaming, which gives you 4GB storage and 700 Kbps bandwidth via Microsoft's worldwide Content Delivery Network
  • Comments are time-based and are synchronized with video playback
  • Demonstrates a data layer built using Linq To Sql
  • Broad media format support (avi,mp4,asf,mpeg,dvr-ms,mpg,m2v,ts,m4v,vob,mov, and wmv) via Expression Encoder
  • Leverages the AJAX Control Toolkit to add animations and interactivity
  • Encoding properties are configurable via standard Expression Encoder job file
  • Cross broswer (IE 6 and 7, Firefox 2, and Safari 3)
  • Open source and designed with a webservice architecture
  • The latest awesomeness from Vertigo.




  • Silverlight 1.0
  • Silverlight Streaming Service for video hosting
  • Silverlight Streaming integration via REST API
  • Expression Encoder
  • AJAX Control Toolkit
  • Visual Studio 2008
  • Packaging API (for Zip file creation)
  • ASP.NET / .NET 3.5
  • Linq To Sql


Screenshots (for the last few of you without Silverlight)


Video.Show screenshot 1


Video.Show screenshot 2