Quake II .NET

Quake II .NET is a version of the popular Quake II game, ported to native and managed C++ using Microsoft® Visual Studio® .NET™ 2003.

Download the .NET version and have fun! We welcome your comments (quake2@vertigo.com), but regretfully there is zero support, i.e., we can’t help you with setup issues, video card drivers, or how to defeat the bad guys on level 4.

In 1997, the computer gaming company id Software released a watershed first-person shooter game called QUAKE II, which went on to sell over one million copies and earn industry accolades as Game of the Year. Later, in December 2001, id Software generously made the QUAKE II 3-D engine available to the public under the GNU General Public License ("GPL").

Now, in July 2003, Vertigo Software, Inc. is releasing Quake II .NET, a port of the C-language based engine to Visual C++ with a .NET managed heads-up display. We did this to illustrate a point: one can easily port a large amount of C code to C++, and then run the whole application as a managed .NET application using the Microsoft Common Language Runtime (CLR) without noticeable performance delays. Once running as a .NET managed application, adding new features is easy and fun.

Quake II .NET Features:

  •  Demonstrates how to port C to native and managed C++
  •  Shows how to extend Quake II using .NET
  •  Whitepaper with tips on porting to native and managed C++


Quake II .NET Setup
Install and Demo tips
Developer Whitepaper
Source Code

*Quake II and Quake are registered trademarks of id Software.