Vertigo launches HD video player for NBC Universal’s coverage of the Olympic Winter Games

Vertigo is proud to announce the launch of our custom HD Silverlight video player and Microsoft Deep Zoom photo viewer for NBC’s coverage of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. Designed and built in partnership with NBC Universal and Microsoft, this unique web experience will showcase live streaming and on-demand HD video and immersive photo galleries for a wide variety of competitions, athlete interviews and Opening and Closing ceremonies during the network’s February 12-28 coverage.


HD-quality Video
Hundreds of hours of live HD content, streaming at full 720p. Microsoft IIS Smooth Streaming technology enables the player to automatically adjust video quality to match each user’s bandwidth.


DVR-style Features
Experience the Olympics as if you were watching at home on your DVR! A simple interface allows for multiple viewing options, including slow motion, fast-forward, and rewind.


Rich Data Integration
Get the most information about a key event or moment with the interactive timeline. Rich data overlays and visualizations provide the user with the ultimate detail – a truly compelling web experience!


Deep Zoom Photo Viewer
Explore thousands of photos from the Vancouver Winter Olympics via the enhanced photo gallery. Dynamic interaction and simple controls allow users to move through galleries of photos easily and effortlessly. An immersive photo gallery experience allows users to take control of the image perspective and discover the image detail. Slideshow and Grid perspectives provide seamless transition between distinct viewing modes.


Our small, embeddable video player

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Explore the Deep Zoom photo gallery

The Winter Olympics on NBC


 Our larger player, with full DVR controls. Don't have Silverlight installed yet? Here's what you're missing:

The Winter Olympics on NBC