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Live from MIX09 ... pictures pulled from our Flickr feed using Slide.Show.


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By now, it's obvious why Vertigo's theme for MIX09 is Mixchievous.


This year's MIX09 Keynote featured Vertigo's work with Bondi Digital Publishing. We demonstrated the new Cover to Cover Viewer showing off 40 issues of classic Rolling Stone magazine. Vertigo built this version of the Cover to Cover viewer using Silverlight 3 and Vertigo BigPicture™.

Vertigo also built a viewer for Bondi's first Cover to Cover collection, Playboy. Visit the Vertigo Playboy page for more information.

Vertigo MIX09 Fun Facts


  • At MIX09 we announced the launch of Playboy.CoverToCover.com, the first viewing experience of its kind.
  • Watch out for the the MIX09 session by Scott Stanfield and company, Bondi Cover to Cover.
  • Check out Vertigo‚Äôs site map that uses Deep Zoom
  • The photos on this page are from the conference ... updated whenever we take them!
  • See how we MIX'd it up last year.