Meet the mixologists from Vertigo.
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Live from MIX08 ... pictures pulled from our Flickr feed using Slide.Show.


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Vertigo and MIX08 is a match made in software heaven. Vertigo is a design and development firm that builds usable, design focused applications using Silverlight and WPF.


We’re extremely proud to announce our work for Hard Rock International in collaboration with Duncan/Channon. Checkout our Hard Rock and Silverlight Deep Zoom page to learn how we did it ... or better yet check out the site live at


We’ve been building applications for over 11 years and our focus is on the Microsoft platform. We’ve got a collection of developers and designers that work hand in hand to build software that users can actually use. Every project we take on starts with understanding what problem our customers face and how technology can help solve the problem. This means that Vertigo tackles problems from the perspective of technology, design, and the business value. This makes the MIX08 conference a great place for us to collaborate and meet with future customers, employees and peers who are passionate about designing and building apps for the Web.


Vertigo MIX08 Fun Facts


  • We announced the launch of the very first Silverlight 2 customer during the keynote. Check out the Hard Rock Memorabilia site.
  • Also in the keynote, Vertigo works with Microsoft to show off tools to create and publish Silverlight advertisements
  • Watch the MIX08 session by Scott Stanfield and company, Hard Rock: Behind the music with Deep Zoom.
  • Check out Vertigo’s site map that uses Deep Zoom
  • Vertigo is hiring designers and developers to work on cool Silverlight and WPF projects
  • The photos on this page are from the conference ... updated whenever we take them!