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Cover to Cover is a magazine publishing milestone -- a new standard for online publications. Classic content is brought back to life by Bondi and Vertigo.

The first Cover to Cover collection to debut live is a hand-picked selection of classic Playboy issues spanning 6 decades. In 1953, Hugh Hefner launched Playboy magazine producing an instant sensation. The legendary first issue featured Marilyn Monroe and sold out in days.

It’s more than just the beautiful women, timeless names like Jayne Mansfield and Brigitte Bardot, that have graced its pages since the 1950’s. Playboy is a forum for brilliant writers and artists, modern masters like Jack Kerouac, Ray Bradbury and Ernest Hemingway. You can browse the works of talented cartoonists, illustrators and painters like LeRoy Neiman and Alberto Vargas.

The issues are full of iconic interviews covering politics, literature, film, and the arts. You'll find a president, a princess, artists, and actors.

Vertigo created the Bondi Cover to Cover Viewer as a platform for viewing any online magazine collection. Vertigo built the viewer using Silverlight 2 and Vertigo BigPicture™.

Search or browse, the result is the same. You’ll lose yourself in time, history, and culture.


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Cover to Cover