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With Silverlight 3, Microsoft continues to bring innovation to the intersection of design and technology. Silverlight 3 is great for building rich internet applications (RIA) including Live HD streaming, but Silverlight 3 is also an integral part of our customers’ line of business applications. Silverlight provides the tools for Vertigo’s designers to create innovative data visualizations needed in our customers’ business applications.

Equipped with Silverlight 3, Vertigo’s designers and engineers are able to create compelling user experiences, rich interactivity, and dynamic content in unprecedented ways.

Silverlight 3 leverages the .NET common runtime, which means your developers can maintain and develop Silverlight applications in familiar .NET languages like C#.


Cool Silverlight 3 Features:

  • Deep Zoom (formerly known as SeaDragon) revolutionizes the way people interact with content (check out the work we’ve done with Hard Rock and on our own site).
  • Live Full Screen HD Streaming which powers applications like the 2010 Winter Olympics, Sunday Night Football, 2008 Democratic National Convention, The 44th Presidential Inaugaration, March Madness, and much more.
  • Rich controls which reduce development time and cost
  • Ability to playback H264 and AAC content. It’s also possible for developers to write their own codec to stream audio and video.
  • Even more rich controls which reduce development time and cost.
  • Great graphics features like true blur and drop-shadow effects, 3D transforms, hardware composition, etc.

Need Help with Silverlight?

Vertigo has designers and engineers with Silverlight experience ready to work on your projects. Send us an email or better yet give us a call (our number is below) and we’ll get back to you right away.


“Microsoft is scrambling to "silvercoat" anything that moves. They have a good strategic reason for doing so: is one of the most visited sites in the world and a perfect vehicle for seeding the Silverlight runtime. Now there will be misfires and extreme makeovers of pages that don't warrant the attention. Maybe they work just fine as HTML and don't benefit from a tarted-up UX. But there are hundreds of pages that use Flash, a blot that should be erased this year. In any case, their investment will help the creative community by demonstrating just what is capable in a Flash-free world.”


Scott Stanfield, Vertigo CEO