Next Generation Media and HTML5

Live from MIX11 ... pictures pulled from our Flickr feed using Slide.Show.


Get Microsoft Silverlight

Vertigo is in Las Vegas for MIX11. MIX11 officially kicks off Tuesday, April 12 with the opening Keynote. But in reality, MIX11 starts Monday with Boot Camps covering topics like HTML5/CCS3 (of course), WP7, and Silverlight.

The remainder of the event will be a combination of Keynotes and Sessions targeting the highly creative flora and fauna of the tech world. I imagine there will be a party or two thrown into the mix as well.

Vertigo will be contributing by hosting a couple of sessions on HTML5 and the Microsoft Media Platform Player Framework.

Presenting the work done for the Microsoft Media Platform Player Framework around Silverlight 3D will be Tim Greenfield. Microsoft Media Platform Player Framework, formerly known as Silverlight Media Framework (SMF), is Microsoft's premiere video player framework.

Vertigo’s CEO, Scott Stanfield will be doing a session on HTML5 for Skeptics. If you build sites with Silverlight and have been watching all the HTML5 hype with bemused skepticism, this session is tailored for you.


Here's a summary of the Vertigo happenings. Please swing by and check them out. While you're there, introduce yourself to one of the Vertigo crew; we'd love to meet you.